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インドネシア語 ジャワ語 英語・英会話


(20歳 女性 Indonesia)


  マンツーマン: 500円 / 60分
  体験レッスン: 0円/60分
グループレッスン: 0円/60分



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To all my student,

There always be so much fun in learning languages. Together we can do it !


レッスン可能言語 インドネシア語(ネイティブ) ジャワ語 英語・英会話
対象者 子供 中学生 高齢者 

望ましいレッスン実施場所 JR Beppu, Kyoumachi Areas, Mochigahama Areas
体験レッスンに関して Please make an appointment by email or text me about the trial lesson. There will be no additional fee. Trial lesson is totally free.
オンラインレッスンに関して I prefer to teach online through Skype or Line Video Call. I will send all the teaching material by email.


Lesson Method for Indonesia Language (インドネシア語):
- I will use online teaching material in Indonesia website (possibly I will give the text book or hand out)
- There will be no level in my courses, it is all depend on the student knowledge
- You can freely ask me to check your school homework and etc... even outside our courses time (By appointment and free)
- Translate English - Indonesia Language ✔️
- Javanese is like a province or prefecture language. Since Indonesia has so many island , each part of the Island has their own native language. Java island is the most popular island. Our government and capital city is located in Java island and most of people in Java speak Javaness. Since I have been living in Java island, I can speak a lil bit Javanese.
Lesson Method for English ( 英語) ( only for kids and seniors) :
- Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening
- Using a flash card to make children easier in memorizing vocabulary
- will teach in English and explanation will be in simple nihongo


Hi, nice to know you
It is not my very first time teaching Indonesia language, I have been helping some of my friend learn Indonesia language. I like to share my knowledge to other people since I know that we are all together have the oppurtunity to make the world to be a better place. I am doing this job just for fun and gaining my experience while I am still being a student in Japan.
I am currently study international relation in Ritsumeikan APU. My hobbies are reading book, listen to J-pop and American music, watching disney movie and traveling ✈️. My favourite food is sushi and ramen.