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英語・英会話 その他の言語

Catherine Njunge

(27歳 女性 Kenyan)


  マンツーマン: 3,000円 / 60分
  体験レッスン: 0円/60分
グループレッスン: 2,500円/60分

✔︎日本語でレッスン可能   ✔︎日本語でメッセージ交換可能


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I am a teacher who is fully aware that each student have different methods and styles of learning and understanding new things.I am therefore flexible in a sense that i use different teaching strategies and i plan my lesson plans according to the language level of each students.


レッスン可能言語 英語・英会話(ネイティブ) その他の言語(ネイティブ)
対象者 子供 中学生 大学生 社会人 高齢者 

望ましいレッスン実施場所 At a cafe near soga station or Kemigawahama station
体験レッスンに関して The trial lesson is about 30mins but if you want to prolong it,it's much okay.I will ask you what you want to study and the method you prefer to have your lesson eg by the use of textbook or just having a conversation.
オンラインレッスンに関して Most of my online students that i am teaching at the moment are using textbooks though i still have some who are learning conversation English.


I teach all levels starting from nursery school to adults.For small children and elementary school students, i use storybooks,songs and flashcards which are very easy to comprehend.For Junior high school and high school students, i use textbooks and any other online materials such as movies.For adults,it's usually flexible,i can use textbooks if my students request for it or we can have a conversation lesson.I am also open for my students demands.


I have been teaching English to Japanese public schools for the past four years.During this period i have had a chance to do some part time jobs such as Skype lessons and teaching in a cafe as well.I am a teacher who likes to explore different tasks and come out with positive solutions.My hobbies include reading books,watching movies,dancing,listening to music and running.I am looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you out there and share different ideas towards English language.