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(20歳 女性 Japan)


  マンツーマン: 3,500円 / 60分
  体験レッスン: 1,000円/60分
グループレッスン: 4,000円/60分

✔︎日本語でレッスン可能   ✔︎日本語でメッセージ交換可能


午前 お昼 午後


Looking forward to working with you! :)


レッスン可能言語 英語・英会話(ネイティブ)
対象者 子供 中学生 大学生 社会人 高齢者 
千代田区 中央区 港区 新宿区 品川区 目黒区 渋谷区 中野区 杉並区 武蔵野市 三鷹市 府中市 小金井市 国分寺市 

望ましいレッスン実施場所 Anywhere between Gotanda and Shinjuku on the JR Yamanote Line
Anywhere between Shinjuku and Kichijoji on the JR Chuo Line
Near JR Yamanote Line Tamachi station on Tue or Wed
Near JR Yamanote Line Harajuku station on Wednesday
体験レッスンに関して I usually do 30-minute trial lessons (fee is negotiable, ex. free trial with payment later if successful, etc). During the trial I determine the student's fluency level and what his/her main objectives are for taking English lessons. I usually do quick conversation starters and introduction games.
オンラインレッスンに関して I do online lessons. I currently use Skype for my online lessons, but I have also used V-Cube in the past. I am open to whatever application the student prefers using.


I've been teaching a wide variety of students - I am used to teaching young children, middle and high school children preparing for exams, adults preparing for the TOEFL/TOEIC, adults wanting to improve their conversational skills, as well as corporate/company lessons focusing on business English. I try to focus on discussion-style lessons, and making sure my students are responsive and interactive by letting students get used to initiating conversations. I always ask students what their goals are for taking lessons when we first start working together, so that I can provide lesson material depending on what each student wants to focus on.


I've been teaching for more than five years now. I started tutoring high school students, then worked with students with disabilities as a private 1:1 tutor. In addition to that, I joined an English school several years ago and have continued to teach English since then. I love working with various students and helping them move closer to achieving their goals.

I enjoy traveling and photography. I love new experiences!