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ベトナム語 英語・英会話


(28歳 女性 Vietnamese)


  マンツーマン: 2,500円 / 60分
  体験レッスン: 2,500円/60分
グループレッスン: 4,000円/60分

✔︎日本語でレッスン可能   ✔︎日本語でメッセージ交換可能


午前 お昼 午後


No pain, No gain. Language is The key to discover the world. Life is about 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. So what are you waiting for to understand fully this beautiful life?


レッスン可能言語 ベトナム語(ネイティブ) 英語・英会話
対象者 子供 中学生 高校生 大学生 社会人 高齢者 

望ましいレッスン実施場所 Near Nagoya station or Nagoya Domu Mae Yada station
体験レッスンに関して The concept and target language are decided based on the consultation with the students.

My private lesson and trial lesson have the same price which is 2500円 for a 60- minute lesson. But it may last extra 15-30 minutes free of charge until the students fully understand the target language.

Group study includes 6 people maximum.

オンラインレッスンに関して In case you prefer online lessons, we exchange the skype ID and contact each other.

The method will be E-learning and homework, but honestly, online lessons are less effective than face-to-face lessons. Please be aware that My online lessons require your effort in doing homework. The more you do the better you are.

The price for Online lesson is 2000円 for a 60- minute lesson.


I am Trang Duong, and you can call me チャン

My private class mainly focused on the students' goals; Therefore, most of my lessons were aimed at International English certificate for studying abroad.

I taught English for young learners (STARTERS, MOVERS, FLYERS, KET, PET) as well as communication or business English for working adults and company, and IELTS training.

I was given "the conscientious teacher" award of the center in 2016.

Books used: Boost!, Our Discovery Island, SOLUTIONS, American ENGLISH FILE, Breakthrough PLUS, Complete IELTS...


I am an outstanding candidate who is awarded a Master’s degree with distinction and a Bachelor’s degree with 2:1 in the United Kingdom.
Regarding personality, I am a well-organized and well-motivated individual who can work within a team or on my own even in a challenging situation. I am fond of travelling and understanding new cultures and foods; Therefore, I have travelled more than 15 countries in Europe and Asia.

Beside academic qualification, teaching and inspiring skills have been counted for my achievement. I had a 3-year experience of teaching English from kids to Adults in Vietnam. My key solutions are always listening, always understanding and putting myself in their shoes. I have been teaching English for more than 3 years. For further development, I enrolled in the TEFL course to be internationally recognized as an English language teacher. It was very much worthy for improving my teaching skills and classroom management. Even though I had got a 3-year experience of teaching English as a foreign language to ELLs in Vietnam, I did learn a lot from the practical course where ESL teachers can share many different micro-teaching activities and TEFL job related problems. My tutor was very professional and well-prepared. He modelled an effective and engaging lesson which can be delivered to the real students later. I also loved the language diversity in my class, including American English, British English, Hungarian, Indian, Cantonese, Japanese, German, and Vietnamese. Overall, training is a very thought-provoking field in which I can be exposed to various physiological behaviours. Moreover, teaching and language are my passion which can help me to discover the world.

Currently, I am looking for more teaching opportunities in various nations and my target is having my own English book entitled “English for Vietnamese learners” in next 5 years.