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英語・英会話 ドイツ語


(25歳 男性 German)

対象地域:神奈川県 東京都

  マンツーマン: 2,500円 / 60分
  体験レッスン: 0円/60分
グループレッスン: 1,000円/60分


午前 お昼 午後


I offer lessons in German and English at a native level. My Japanese is still very limited, so I would encourage you to message me in English or German, it will be good practice for you! Let's learn languages!


レッスン可能言語 英語・英会話(ネイティブ) ドイツ語(ネイティブ)
対象者 子供 中学生 大学生 社会人 高齢者 


望ましいレッスン実施場所 Preferably near Tama Plaza Station or anywhere on the Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line. Shibuya/Shinjuku and Yokohama are also okay.
体験レッスンに関して Let's use the trial lesson to get to know each other and see if it's a good fit! Since you never know if a teacher is truly right for you until you meet them, the trial lesson will be free of charge, so don't hesitate to schedule a meeting.
オンラインレッスンに関して If you prefer to do online lessons, we can talk about it and see if we find a way to do it via Skype or similar programs.


I will adapt my lesson plan to the needs of my students, but generally I like to do both conversation and text work. Students of any age and skill level are welcome!
I am very patient, so don't be afraid to make mistakes. It's important to enjoy language learning, so I try to make my lessons fun and engaging.
If you like we can use songs and music to learn vocabulary!


Hello everyone, nice to meet you!
My name is Lukas and I am from Germany. I am 25 years old and graduated from university with a degree in music, but I am also very passionate about languages. My hobbies include playing piano and guitar, cooking and exercising.